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The Firemen’s Charitable & Benevolent Association dedicated Cypress Grove and Greenwood Cemetery to provide a final resting place for volunteer firemen who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty and for their families. In time, other heroes were laid to rest in these hallowed grounds: mayors, congressmen, business leaders, and soldiers from almost every conflict since the Civil War.

Cypress Grove and Greenwood cemeteries maintain records of all interments dating back to 1840. A searchable burial data base is available here from 1854 to present for Greenwood and from 1910 to present for Cypress Grove. If you’re researching the burial of a loved one and want to verify interment at Cypress Grove or Greenwood Cemetery, enter a name in the form and click search. 

Note: Search requires exact matches and 90% of middle names are not in the system. Some names may be misspelled; try other spellings if a person is not found.

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If your contact information has changed since you made a purchase or arranged Perpetual Care or Annual Cleaning Services, please help us update our records by clicking the button and submitting the form. 

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