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Greenwood Mausoleum

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The addition of a magnificent mausoleum represents an extension of the philosophy that guided the early development of the Firemen’s Charitable & Benevolent Association. The expansion program began in 1982 to continue the ever-growing needs of the community.


The construction was planned in eighteen phases, and at completion, the mausoleum will accommodate 14,000 burial spaces as well as areas for meditation and services. Complete, caring services are the hallmark of the Association which has been in existence for more than 170 years.


We invite you to consider Greenwood Mausoleum for its beauty, for its history and for its lasting sense of peace.

A Place of Beauty & Serenity

The distinctive design of Greenwood’s Garden Mausoleum conveys a sense of timelessness, serenity and dignity. Nestled among historic memorials, monuments and tombs, Greenwood’s latest addition provides a quiet setting to memorialize a loved one with exquisite beauty and solemnity.


Majestic marble walls adorn the mausoleum interior creating a sense of power and grace. Comfortably furnished, Greenwood’s Garden Mausoleum embraces visitors with a warm, reverent setting for remembrance and contemplation.


The Greenwood Mausoleum has Niches and Cremorial units to accommodate ashes of loved ones who desire a dignified and respectful, distinctive cremation memorialization at an economical price.


The Greenwood Garden Mausoleum offers individual, companion and family crypts for full-casket entombment. 


To learn more on how to commemorate the life of a loved one on these hallowed grounds where heroes rest, contact our staff of professional counselors

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