Welcome to Cypress Grove and Greenwood Cemeteries! For 175 years, Cypress Grove and Greenwood have honored the history of New Orleans, its bravest citizens, and its industrious leaders to serve the families who come here with their private memories. Its historic importance and timeless beauty have placed Cypress Grove and Greenwood among New Orleans’s treasured landmarks.

The Firemen’s Charitable & Benevolent Association (FCBA) was formed in 1834 to provide relief for its needy members who volunteered to protect New Orleans from the ravages of fire. The FCBA founded Cypress Grove Cemetery in 1840 and Greenwood Cemetery in 1852 as permanent memorials to the volunteer firemen who gave their courage and, sometimes, their lives to protect their neighbors.

Over the years, many heroes and their cherished loved ones have joined the company of the brave volunteer firemen buried in Cypress Grove and Greenwood cemeteries. The lives and accomplishments of generations of New Orleans families are memorialized here in timeless monuments and tombs. With the availability of reasonably-priced plots and the addition of the magnificent Greenwood Garden Mausoleum, you can share in the history and majesty of these hallowed grounds where heroes rest.

Whether your needs are immediate or you’re just planning ahead, this website contains useful information about Cypress Grove and Greenwood’s burial options and services. The rich history of the Firemen’s Charitable & Benevolent Association and its cemeteries is recounted here. A gallery of stunning photos of Cypress Grove and Greenwood’s historic monuments and tombs offers an exciting tour of these New Orleans landmarks. Researchers will find useful information, including a list of burials dating back to 1840. Updates are periodically posted, so check occasionally for updates.

The Firemen’s Charitable & Benevolent Association hopes you enjoy your web tour and invites you to visit its historic cemeteries. Our staff is ready to help you in times of grief and can alleviate the stress of loss by helping with prearrangement plans. In order to accommodate your needs, our cemeteries are open everyday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and our business office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

FCBA Monument